Virtue. Diligence. Brotherly Love.

Become a brother.


As SigEps at Pepperdine, we pride ourselves on being the most diverse fraternity on campus. We pride ourselves in our three cardinal principals: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Each member of the fraternity embodies these values, which links the brotherhood together. We look for balanced men who have shown commitment to these cardinal principals in their faith, academics, and athletics. While each fraternity on campus has great leaders and undoubtedly contributes in a positive way to the Pepperdine community, SigEp was founded based on the idea that “This fraternity will be different,” and we believe that it is. The Cal Psi chapter is more than just a social organization. We look for individuals who will become leaders and transcend the Pepperdine community.



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Virtue. Diligence. Brotherly Love.